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Self Care Today Tomorrow: Helping You Shine

May 28, 2020

Self care through Eastern Medicine. Learn practical, daily tips that are doable! Focusing on self care through Eastern Medicine's 5 elements of emotion, which foods to eat in relation to these elements and emotions and corresponding acupressure points. An interview with Austin, TX, based Rachel Snyder. Learn more...

May 27, 2020

Creating goals around your self care and self beliefs can be fun and easy. Take some time today to learn more about how to create self care goals that can help you grow and thrive in your physical, emotional, spiritual, psychological, professional and relationship self care.

May 21, 2020

6 Aspects of Self Care for Therapists and Anyone Wanting Personal Growth and Improved Self Care:
- Spiritual Self Care
- Psychological Self Care
- Emotional Self Care
- Physical Self Care
- Professional Self Care
- Relationship Self Care
For more information on self care and how to grow your own self care, check out my...

May 9, 2020

Have you been wanting to start a private practice? Increase your fee for therapy sessions? Or, are you starting out as a therapist and want to charge a certain therapy fee but are met with criticism by others. Learning how to quiet the noise so you can focus on your own journey is today's self care quick tip for your...

May 3, 2020

Self care quick tip on our inner self talk and inner critic. Ways to observe how you talk yourself into and out of things and ways to begin building positive self talk that makes you special. That makes you uniquely you. Sometimes a therapists and counselors imposter syndrome can creep up when we least expect it. Here...