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Self Care Today Tomorrow: Helping You Shine

Jun 23, 2020

In today's self care podcast I have the honor of interviewing Annie Schuessler with Rebel Therapist. We discuss Annie's self care journey throughout her professional career and continuing self care efforts. For more self care information please go to

Jun 21, 2020

Whether you are on an intake call with a potential new therapy client or in a therapy session, this self care quick offers one way to think about this time together that might inspire. For more information on self care or other self care podcasts specifically for therapists, counselors, and other wellness...

Jun 9, 2020

How to answer the question of "what theory are you?" This is an important question that's often asked to therapists to be that are in their counseling or therapy graduate programs and also new therapists starting out. In this self care podcast, Anna offers one helpful tip she learned from her counseling professor that...

Jun 3, 2020

Self care quick tip for anyone that's needing a dose of what they give others, for themselves. As caregivers, therapists, parents, friends, etc. - all the roles we have in our life, we can sometimes - maybe even more than that - find ourselves giving to others what we also need to give ourself. This self care quick...